Starting a New Life

There is no doubt that moving your home from one place to another is always a hassle; whether you move to a different place in the same city, or even in a different state, there is always some degree of hardship involved. We faced similar hardships when we moved into Macomb in Illinois. We were a humble addition to the 21,000 people that call this place a home. It has been about a year since we have moved, and I can safely say we do not regret our decision.

Perhaps the biggest problem which any family would face before anything else is definitely making friends and socializing. I guess here we got a little help as my family and I are extremely social, extroverted people. Making new friends in a community, I feel, is very important, because it is those friends that help you settle into that community. The only reason I know where the freshest vegetables and fruits were available was because a person I met at a hair salon told me about it. All of the hassle normally associated with moving into a new place was halved because we made friends very quickly. It was not long before my husband found a job, and I enrolled my son in the Macomb Community College and daughter in what I felt was a very good high school. While we did not have any initial contacts, it was easy for us to meet new people.

In any city, there will be good people and there will be some slightly worse people. To generalize any community in a negative light would be wrong, but even if I were to be completely honest I would say Macomb has some of the most helpful people that I have met. I have indeed had a few unpleasant experiences with a couple or so people while shopping in the supermarket. There are always some people who like to be rowdy with a person, but what I have learnt from my experience is to let those people be, and not ruin your day by getting annoyed by them. Move on to the better people. I remember the day we came to Macomb I saw a baseball field where some children were having a game and were accompanied by their mothers cheering them on, and not a month had passed before I was cheering on for my friend’s son. Not long after that I had joined a scrapbook club and from there my social circle grew exponentially. Now a year has passed since we have been living here, and I can safely say that we are as much a part of this community as the people who have been living here all their lives, we have went out on a few camping trips with another family like us who loves the outdoors, and I hardly have spare time as I am either at home driving my children around or running different errands, and the minute I get free I spend time with my friends in Macomb who are simply amazing people.

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