Moving House

Life was not easy as I moved to Illinois USA with my family. I had a hard time leaving my lovely neighbors, friends and family. We really got quite close last year although my family loves travelling and we move a lot, we got so attached with these amazing people we met. They were like a part of my family. We went shopping, camping, had picnics together and a hell of a lot of fun. I got to admit socializing is one thing my family is expert in.

We have moved to Macomb, which is a town that is totally new to us. We bought a cozy yet beautiful house here. It is in an attractive neighborhood on a tree lined street. It is a small city with cold weather and welcoming people. It was not difficult for us to find the perfect school for kids. And soon we met the most amazing, helpful and cooperative citizens of this town. It was easy being a part of such community. In no time we realized that this place is home. My friend circle increased to a great extent as I join a scrapbooking club. I was always very creative and I majored in Arts back then. Now, I found the perfect club to put my talent in. Collage and painting became my favorite hobby and I’m glad it opened my mind to the wonders and opportunities I had rather than just being a busy housewife. My kids love this place, as we went exploring the city, we visit some beautiful places, among which the shopping malls of course were my favorite. I’m a big shopaholic as my husband quotes. Being an arts student, I love decorating my house, keep everything organized and buy everything unique. The most of the decoration pieces in my house like sceneries, paintings, collages are made by me and I think my family loves this about me the most. My husband is a workaholic but never neglects family in doing so. We spend every Friday afternoon enjoying a family picnic once the kids have finished school. I fancy the restaurants around here too and the Cornish luxuries. I spend half of my day with either the community people or my club friends. I love cooking, hanging around, exploring different places and meeting new people. It might sound crazy but this is what I do the most. Drive around the city, day and night adventures, dancing with my kids, shop a lot, sleep less, it all make my kids call me crazy mama.

I have no idea about when my small family started loving this place. I hope this new life will come with more family craziness and the same bonding and love we shared all this time.

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