Joining a Scrapbooking Club

Leaving your home and coming to a new town is never an easy experience. Apart from the hassle of moving and shifting all your belongings, being a part of a community is a challenge. But if there is anything that me and my family love and are very good at, it is making new friends and making our place in a new community. My husband had a job and often hangs out with his colleagues from work. All my children had friends in their high school and college. But what does a single mother like me do? Trust me, it was not long before I had the answer; I was already pretty good at arts and crafts, and I am always eager to share my experiences with other people, so the obvious solution was to join a scrapbooking club.

I found out about a scrapbooking club from a nice lady who was working in a store at a shopping mall I went to. We all always meet up at one another’s place over the weekend where we each bring our own things, and create our own scrapbook, or add to one of our previous scrapbooks. It really has helped me a lot to spend my time and make my place in the community as it has greatly increased my social circle. Sitting amongst a group of 10 or so jolly and humorous people, the distinctive sound of scissors just being heard from underneath the laughter and gossip of all us is always something I look forward to every few weeks or so. Then there is the added incentive of wanting to make the best scrapbook and inspiring everyone else to make theirs, and then helping them to do so. All of this is a joy that I always look forward and one that has made me feel happy about moving to this city, since I now have the company of what I deem as some of the best people in town.

The last get-together all of us had was in fact in my house; and among the scent of fresh baked cupcakes as well as homemade mini-sandwiches I tried to be the best host that one can be. We were all sitting together in my lounge right on the carpet and were doing what we usually do; gossiping and making scrapbook pages. This time even my daughter saw the commotion and finally came out of her room to join us to scrapbook; she always loves to try out something new and she really enjoyed this in particular. If she is not busy with her friends I will even bring her to the next get-together that all of us have so she can have create her own memories and portray them in a scrapbook. Overall, joining this scrapbooking club has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made since I arrived here in Macomb.

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