Baby Shower

I checked myself in the mirror. It was my best friend’s baby shower after all and I needed to look my best for her special day. I had put on my best dress and had used copious amounts of hairspray to style my curls. I thought I looked good enough. So I stepped outside in the afternoon in my red heels and set the maternity pillow present in the car. It was to be a gift for my friend.

I arrived fifteen minutes later at my friend’s house. There was already a line of cars outside the house. Most cars were parked on the side of the road since the driveway was cluttered with cars. The lawn was freshly mowed, chairs and tables were laid neatly in circles, with a white cloth draped over them and each table sporting a vase of flowers. I walked inside carrying the gift in my arms.

maternity pillow imageMy friend was seated in the centre of the lounge. She glowed with happiness as friends and family gathered around her, chatting cheerfully. I placed the gift on the table on one side which was loaded with gifts and nodded to her. She nodded back and grinned.

We spent the afternoon laughing and talking about babies and old times and our present lives and gossip from the neighborhood. The caterers appeared some time later with trays of tea cups and cakes and biscuits. The discussion turned to motherhood, and many women at the party became misty-eyed as they related that there is no feeling stronger than a mother’s love. I could see my friend’s face shining with joy as she patted her growing belly and nodded energetically at those women. I am not yet married, so I still don’t know that feeling. Even today I remember how happy she looked when she talked about the room she had set up for her baby, the names she had thought of and the clothes she had bought. The ultrasound reports had told her that it was a girl, so she had bought everything in pink, red and white. She showed us the room too. A cot stood in the centre while dolls lined the walls. Chimes hung from the ceiling, one above the cot and the other at the door. We all gave her a hug and said that the room looked beautiful.

Time flew like an eagle. Soon enough, the afternoon sun had descended close to the horizon and turned a fiery red. People began to leave with smiles and wishes. I stayed till after sunset, helping her clean the house. Then we sat down, drank some more tea and talked again about everything, chatting about how we would make this baby happy and how we would all take care of her. At eight o’clock, I decided that my friend should rest, so I left. Even as I swerved my car around the corner, I couldn’t stop smiling. This was the beginning of something huge.

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