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Baby Shower

I checked myself in the mirror. It was my best friend’s baby shower after all and I needed to look my best for her special day. I had put on my best dress and had used copious amounts of hairspray

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Joining a Scrapbooking Club

Leaving your home and coming to a new town is never an easy experience. Apart from the hassle of moving and shifting all your belongings, being a part of a community is a challenge. But if there is anything that

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Two years had passed since those two little angels were born. I remember everything about them. I remember their smiles and their laughter. I remember the sound of their crying. I remember the day they learnt that throwing things around

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Moving House

Life was not easy as I moved to Illinois USA with my family. I had a hard time leaving my lovely neighbors, friends and family. We really got quite close last year although my family loves travelling and we move

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Find the Right School for your Children

How to Find the Right School for your Children when Moving to a New Town? We all know that moving to a new town is a complex and difficult task but when it comes to offer the best and new

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Starting a New Life

There is no doubt that moving your home from one place to another is always a hassle; whether you move to a different place in the same city, or even in a different state, there is always some degree of

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The sun streaked over the market. Women hustled and bustled all around us. Street hawkers called out to the passer-bys. We trudged down the road on foot, having parked the car a few miles away. My friend had asked me

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My friend needed to go out for a few hours only, or so she said. She was clutching a newspaper when she came to my house, pushing a stroller and leaning away from a bag swung over her shoulder. She

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