About Us

We were the newcomers of Macomb in Illinois and now we call it home. This is our story about the people we have met, how we got set up and how we settled in to life in a new town.


Firstly, a little about my family. We love camping, travel, sports, learning new things and meeting new people. My husband and I have two girls – eight year old twins. It seems like only yesterday they were born, yet here we are in a new town starting a whole new life. For them it means making friends, for hubby and I it means establishing a new social circle and meeting people with similar interests and hobbies.


We try to go camping once a month because we really enjoy getting away and ‘unplugging’ from the world. We feel this is important for our girls to understand the value of the simple things in life and that you don’t always need to be in 24/7 contact with people. We teach them cooking and survival skills as well as all about the natural surroundings and history of each area we visit. We love this time as it helps us bond as a family and work together to ensure our safety and security as a family unit. It is heaps of fun exploring new places. We try to camp in a different place each month to keep it fresh and interesting.


We also love travelling and aim for one international trip each year as well as a few trips to explore different areas of the USA and Canada. We enjoy new cultures and different viewpoints and find other people’s lives fascinating.


So my little blog, for what it is worth, is just our family story. I hope you enjoy reading it and exploring our life.